Conference center

Ravenna , 2001

Design: 1994-1999

Execution: 1999-2001

Foto: Michele Buda

This was the first intervention in a more extensive project to upgrade the Dante Zone and Largo Firenze. This part of town was involved in the competition we won in 1982 and in our Recovery Plan of 1987.  The fulcrum of the composition is the Sala Rotonda (Round Hall), a great space with tiered seating for 400. Internally the hall is faced with exposed brick, laid edge-on and topped by a spherical vault cupola which evolves telescopically by way of six concentric cornices, culminating in a central oculus. From this central fulcrum depart a succession of correlated spaces rendered particularly eloquent by the complex architectonic play of interlocking volumes. In the interiors, the general use of a neutral ivory-white shade is contrasted by two strong colours: ultramarine for the tubular pillars and Pompeian red for the “moments of ascent”, such as the stairway which leads from the Rotonda to the Sala dei Passi Perduti (Hall of Lost Steps), a “corridor-hallway” that serves as a landing for the entire circular perimeter. The exhibition rooms are in the long wing, three storeys high as an organising elements of the more general arrangement of the zone. Externally the building is faced in Luserna stone.

Committente: Amministrazione Provinciale di Ravenna e Amministrazione Comunale di Ravenna

Progetto e Direzione Lavori: arch. Claudio Baldisserri (Teprin Associati) e arch. Nullo Pirazzoli (Studio Associato Pirazzoli – Gabriele)

Strutture: ing. Francesco Ricci e ing. Mario De Lorenzi (Studio Lenzi Associati)
Impianti: ing. Domenico Galassini (D.L. 1° stralcio e progetto 2° tralcio) ing. Giovanni Minori (D.L. 2° stralcio)

Responsabile del Procedimento: ing. Carlo Scacchi (Provincia di Ravenna)

Direzione lavori arch. Claudio Baldisserri (Teprin Associati).

Opere in ferro per la struttura della cupola: Officine Presentati di Ravenna
Impianti meccanici: CEFLA (1° stralcio) Esposito Costruzioni (2° stralcio)
Impianti elettrici: ECIS (1° stralcio) Esposito Costruzioni (2° stralcio)

Arredi: Ditta Interni di Crivellari, Ditta Caloi.
Ideazione e realizzazione del mosaico del Foyer: Riccardo Righini