Comet shopping centre

Ravenna , 2005

Design: 2002-2003

Execution: 2003-2005

Foto: Michele Buda

This building houses activities of selling electric domestic appliances and electronic and lighting apparatus. It is organised into spaces of retail/wholesale outlets and warehouses. The main structure and the curtain wall panels are in prefabricated reinforced concrete. On three sides there is a 3 metre deep cantilevered projection that supports blue micro-perforated panelling which designs an undulating crowning part that “breaks” the inevitable horizontality of the prefabricated structure. The two opposite copings, on the east and west sides, are supported by a series of Z-shaped pillars. The continuous “hard” and toneless base of the light-grey sandblasted curtain wall panels is contrasted by the lightness and blue colour of the cantilever and the deliberately anomalous and designed “string” of the Z-shaped pillars. At the south-west corner a reticulated steel structure faced in identical blue grille panelling bears the Company trademark in a tower-totem.

Committente: COMET S.p.a.

Progetto architettonico: Ing. Lorenzo Sarti, Arch. Claudio Baldisserri (Teprin Associati).
Con arch. Silvio D’Amore e arch. Romeo Focaccia.

Strutture: Ing. Francesco Ricci e Ing. Mario De Lorenzi (Studio Lenzi Associati)
Impianti elettrici: Ing. Ivan Domenico Ceccaroni
Impianti meccanici: Ing. Giovanni Minori
Staff tecnico: arch. Stefania Bulzoni, arch. Samantha Cicognani, p.i. Gianni Baldi.

Direzione Lavori e coordinamento per la sicurezza in fase di progettazione ed esecuzione: ing. Lorenzo Sarti (Teprin Associati)

opere edili: ITER Cooperativa Ravennate Interventi sul Territorio e PREFABBRICATI PRETECNO S.p.A,
Carpenteria metallica: OLVI sistemi
Impiantii: SISTEC Sistemi tecnologici di produttività