Medicine and Prevention

Ravenna , 2003

Design: 1995-1999

Execution: 1999-2003

Foto: Gian Luca Liverani

The complex is situated a few hundred metres south-west of the Santa Maria delle Croci Hospital in Ravenna. It is characterised by a simple long and narrow main body which, like a “blade”, houses 5 floors of management offices and laboratories. Opposite, three small geometrical bodies soften the rigid main façade and form the entrance.

A white cube houses the heating plant, an orange prism with triangular base houses the café and a blue cylinder the 76 seat conference hall. The fire escapes, on the two short sides of the bladelike structure, “stand out against a gaudy orange coloured background” (Cf. P. Bolzani, Il Centro di Medicina e Prevenzione, Editrice Visione Ravenna, 2003), deliberately designed as architectonic-compositional elements of the complex. At the back there is a broad split-level plate organised in small green internal courtyards, overlooked by consulting rooms and analysis centres.

Committente: AUSL di Ravenna

Progetto architettonico: arch. Claudio Baldisserri, ing. Lorenzo Sarti, arch. Emilio Rambelli (Teprin Associati).
Con E.G. Alfieri, G. Scapini.

Coordinamento: ing. Gabriele Zingaretti
Strutture: ing. Roberto Tassinari
Impianti elettrici: ing. Luciano Zanni, iIng. Ivan Domenico Ceccaroni
Impianti termosanitari: p.i. Giacomo Parenti, ing. Giovanni Minori

Staff tecnico: arch. Stefania Bulzoni, arch. Samantha Cicognani, Ing. Massimo Rosetti, Geom. Dennis Alberani, Ing. Letizia Pretolani, p.i. Gianni Baldi, geom. Domenico D’Antuono.

Responsabile del Procedimento: geom. Pierantonio Ossani

Direzione lavori arch. Claudio Baldisserri e coordinamento per la sicurezza in fase di progettazione ed esecuzione ing. Lorenzo Sarti (Teprin Associati).

Opere edili: Adanti S.p.a.
Impianti elettrici e meccanici: Busi Impianti S.p.a.