Tourist-residential complex

Casal Borsetti (Ravenna), 2010

Design: 2002-2007

Execution: 2007-2010

At the edges of the pinewood and the built-up area of Casal Borsetti on the Ravenna coast, a stone’s throw from the beach and set within the natural beauties of the Po Delta Park, this residential and tourist complex seeks to couple  the style content of the dwelling typologies with the expectation of green and privacy suggested by the places.

The architecture is organised by few elements: a traditional central body in masonry to which are attached, two by two at the sides, the bodies of the balconies/loggia and of the staircases, designed within a latticework of beams and pillars in painted iron. A further addition is formed by the body, reduced in dimensions in the plan, which contains the intermediate floors and constitutes the terminal part of the building. This features a marked horizontal “chamfering” of the rendering and lively, different colourings.

The lotting consisted of three “multiple villa” typologies with a maximum of 8 apartments per building. All the dwellings have loggias/balconies and terraces available for spending time outdoors and enjoying the green of the pinewood and the smell of the sea.. The three typologies are characterised by having slightly different surface areas (one in particular has one floor less) but there is no substantial difference in architectonic and formal style, in material and external colour code and the distributive features indoors. Special attention was paid to planning the green zones, positively exploiting the rich heritage of existing vegetation and subordinating the planimetric layout of the buildings thereto.

Committente: Soc. Florida S.r.l

Progetto architettonico: ing. Lorenzo Sarti, arch. Claudio Baldisserri, arch. Silvio D'Amore. (Teprin Associati).

strutture: InStudio Ingegneri Associati. ing. Claudio Sillato
impianti: P.D.M. Progetti Studio tecnico associato, p.i. Claudio Pinardi
per le opere a verde: GSA Associati S.r.l.

Collaboratori: arch. Samantha Cicognani, arch. Ottavia Sarti, arch. Stefania Bulzoni, ing. Alessandro de Laurentiis.

Direzione lavori e coordinamento per la sicurezza in fase di progettazione: ing. Lorenzo Sarti (Teprin Associati).

Impresa:  ACC Adriatica Costruzioni Cervese e ITER Cooperativa Ravennate Interventi sul Territorio

Photo: Ottavia Sarti